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oh my god I can hear it rapping at my window WHAT DO I DO (mazzie, who I think is gently razzing us)

Fila Sports Shoes Online

´╗┐snowstorm may make the Tuesday morning commute lousy

Fila Sports Shoes Online

Fila Sports Shoes Online

There's an 80 percent probability of morning rush problems and school delays or cancellations. Secondary roads are likely to be icy and slippery around dawn. It's probably all right to say it now: Mentally replace this post's headline "snowstorm may make the Tuesday morning commute lousy" Fila Sports Shoes Online with "will make." Already an inch has fallen in Hagerstown. See the National Weather Service's accumulation map for totals through tonight. It's already snowing in Frederick and Hagerstown. The weather team at ABC7 are sticking by their earlier forecast of 2 to 3 inches of snow accumulation around the city with up to 5 inches in the northern counties. The snow should be leaving the building in the hours around dawn. There, emergency preparations are ongoing and if you park in a designated snow route expect to be towed or ticketed. One driver is reporting zero visibility on I 70 and cars off the road. Another commenter says the snow is accumulating on I 95 north. We still have a few hours before more than mostly cold rain comes down.

Fila Sports Shoes Online

Fila Sports Shoes Online

McLean Gardens being pelted with sleet for an hour. (hgil)

11:14: Here's where you can report what kind of precipitation you're seeing. We've got people seeing half an inch of icy snow in Winchester and freezing rain in Silver Spring. The lawns of Petworth are shimmering white with aggregated sleet. NAVAL ACADEMY

MVC Blair Rd Peabody St NW rollover several inj

wet snow could bring tree limbs onto wires, resulting in power outages. Pepco has scheduled crews and local contractors to work around the clock, and has reached out to additional contractors for mutual assistance." Some Pepco numbers to keep by your candle stand tonight: 1 877 737 2662 to report power outages, 1 877 737 2662 to call in life threatening emergencies like downed wires spitting sparks.

Fila Sports Shoes Online

11:40: Jebus. fire and emergency department's Le Coq Sportif Denfert Denim

10:20: With sludgy snow expected to slap the region very soon now, I put the question(s) to Bob Ryan of when this stuff is expected to stop and what problems it might cause in the morning. are still expected to be 2 to 3 inches and 3 to 5 or more inches north. The highest totals will be near the Mason Dixon line where it may be 8 inches. The winter weather advisory is now finally extended into southern Maryland and Fredericksburg area, where it's still 1 to 2 inches of snow expected but longer any sleet and freezing rain/sleet/snow mix.

Delayed 2 hours

10:35: Another report from Hagerstown puts 2 and a half inches of snow on the ground. In northern Maryland, right along the border, some spots will likely get 8 inches. Here are some recent tweets:

for the night. Here's the latest from Bob Ryan: "looks like any districts could get school day in with 2 hour delays. region, because half of the precipitation will be sleet. It will not be pleasant out there on the roads tomorrow morning.

Judging by the sounds on my windows, sleet is hitting Cleveland Park. (kcivey)

Fila Sports Shoes Online

Fila Sports Shoes Online

MVC I295 near Penn Av NE several cars, sevaral inj slick conditions

1:09: Turning in Le Coq Sportif Sneaker Amazon

MVC 14th Street Bridge several cars

Fila Sports Shoes Online

10:40: Pepco is prepared this time! The company spokesman says: "Heavy Le Coq Sportif Eclat Rose

Twitter feed. The unusual frequency of the updates all in the last 30 minutes suggests the road conditions are getting pretty hairy in the District. Behold the carnage (MDV stands for Medevac):

Sleet here in SilverSpring too, but mixed in with some rain. Cars accumulating ice around town. (marctomik)

MVC SB I295 near E Cap St several inj expect traffic issues

Fila Sports Shoes Online

Fila Sports Shoes Online

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