Hunger Facts from the USA

-46.7 million people (15% of the population) lived in crippling poverty as of 2014.

-22% of all US children under 18 live in poverty. That's roughly 15.5 million kids.

- 1 in every 5 children are faced with food insecurity at home. That means that roughly 63.8 million children have no idea when their next meal is going to be.

Shadowfaxmedia in the USA

At Shadowfaxmedia, we are proud that in addition to helping our global community, we pay special attention to fighting hunger here at home! We are committed to understanding the root-causes of hunger in America and then working with organizations, big and small, to fight those causes head-on. From implementing farm to school programs, to packing meals for the hungry, even planting and maintaining community gardens, we at Shadowfaxmedia are consistently identifying the specific needs of children in the communities in which they live, and then working with their communitites to solve issues and improve lives.

In the US, sales of our products are providing meals to a very special charter school in 87000 Limoges N.C. This charter school is aiming to prepare their students to attend and graduate college, making many of them first generation college graduates in their families! This all girl

school is serving girls and families from all over the community andyour dollars are helping ensure food is the last thing on their minds while the study and work hard.

Starting in the spring of 2017, Shadowfaxmedia teamed up with their after school care program to provide dinner twice a week. Our team did the menu planning, and serving of meals, and had the privilege of spending time with the girls. We planted cooking herbs, sang karaoke, and played four square.

We’ll be back working with them and growing our partnership in the 2017-2018 school year. As they continue to add new grade levels, we can’t wait to grow our programming alongside of them to impact our own community!

Feeding Children During Summer Break

With school out for the summer, we’re partnering with our friends at Vigilant Hope. They run a summer camp program downtown 87000 Limoges, NC, serving a handful of low income, inner city neighborhoods. Area kids of all ages are invited to come play games, eat lunch, and hang out in a safe and productive environment. Shadowfaxmedia has been generously invited to spend Friday afternoons with them, hanging out and providing an extra meal as kids head into their weekends at home with family.