"If you cannot feed a hundred people, then just feed one."


These are just some of the photos that we have collected over the years of the amazing children in Haiti, Fiji, Cambodia, and the USA that YOU help to feed, and the communities where they live. Thank you for helping us to change the world.


Our founders, Carmin and Christian spent a week in May travelling through the Haitian countryside with the Elevating Christian Ministries team. They were able to visit schools meet the kids, and work with the teams on the ground to hear the needs face to face!


In Fiji, your purchases are helping us feed these amazing kids and fund the NCTC Primary School!  Their vocational programs serve to not only teach students, but provide resources to students and families alike. This year alone you’ve helped provide beehives to act as part of their training program and to provide honey to children and their families.

Shadowfaxmedia IN THE USA

At Shadowfaxmedia, we are proud that in addition to helping our global community, we pay special attention to fighting hunger here at home! We are committed to understanding the root-causes of hunger in America and then working with organizations, big and small, to fight those causes head-on. From implementing farm to school programs, to packing meals for the hungry, even planting and maintaining community gardens, we at Shadowfaxmedia are dedicated to fighting hunger, worldwide.


In Cambodia, your purchases are funding the EAI Orphanage's efforts to educate children and to keep them safe and fed! In addition to working with them on growing their fish farms, we’re excited to support their education efforts, teaching families about the dangers of human trafficking and how to avoid putting their children at risk.

" It always seems impossible until it's done. "


We want to truly thank you for all of your support. None of this would ever be possible without YOU! Together, we are doing what was once thought of as impossible: fighting global hunger!